About us

This is esparma Pharma Services

At our location in Osterweddingen, we are the logistics hub for handling, distribution and order picking within the entire Aristo Pharma Group. In addition, other well-known companies from the pharmaceutical industry rely on our services. 

Our employees are an indispensable resource in this process: They ensure smooth processes, guarantee the high quality of our daily work and expertly operate state-of-the-art facilities that make up our advanced logistics. At the same time, they exemplify a unique familial team spirit every day, which motivates us time and again.

Our role within the Aristo Pharma Group

Aristo Pharma was founded in 2008 from the merger of various traditional German pharmaceutical companies, some of whose roots go back to 1875. Today, Aristo Pharma's core business is the production and distribution of sought-after active ingredients in the generics market, which are usually marketed under their own brand. The independent production sets the group apart from most German pharmaceutical suppliers. In addition, the broad range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines extends from tried-and-tested herbal medicines to modern medical products and aids.

The composition of the Aristo Pharma Group is as diverse as its product portfolio: In addition to the company headquarters in Berlin, the group comprises five production sites – in Hilden, Wernigerode, twice in the German capital Berlin and in Madrid - as well as its own logistics centre in Osterweddingen. This makes Aristo Pharma stand out as one of the few suppliers in Germany that manufacture their medicines predominantly in Germany or Europe.

Together with the 14 distribution sites throughout Europe, the company can draw on the know-how of more than 1,600 employees. They all make a valuable contribution to the success of the Aristo Pharma Group's mission: the reliable and affordable supply of high-quality medicines.

As a central distribution location, esparma Pharma Services manages the storage, order picking and distribution of the Aristo Pharma Group as well as for various third-party customers from the healthcare industry from Osterweddingen.

In order to stay one step ahead of the growing demands on the market, we are continuously investing in the modernisation and expansion of our premises, so that we also have sufficient capacity for new orders.

Esparma Pharma Services then and now

Our history

The beginnings date back to 1875 with the founding of the company Fritz Wilhelm Carl Richter in Magdeburg. In the GDR, the company made a name for itself primarily with the production of medicinal bath additives.

Between the 1960s and 1970s, the Fritz Wilhelm Carl Richter company became the Volkseigene Betrieb (VEB) esparma Magdeburg. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the associated trusteeship, there were several changes of ownership. 

In 2008, Aristo Pharma was formed from several medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, which were joined by esparma Pharma Services in 2009. Initially, generic drugs are produced and stored at the Osterweddingen site.

Werbeanzeige für Parfümöle aus 1938

©Bildquelle: Archiv T. Garde

In order to position the Aristo Pharma Group for the future in the area of logistics, the decision was made in 2010 to bundle the corresponding services at a conveniently located site. The new logistics location was Osterweddingen, located in the heart of Germany – where esparma Pharma Services moved into the free-standing halls of a former solar factory – and in 2015, after extensive investments, repositioned itself as a modern distribution centre for the entire Aristo Pharma Group. 

Today, around 150 employees at the Osterweddingen site contribute to the success of esparma Pharma Services on a daily basis – from warehouse logistics and order picking to packaging and quality management.

Our mission

Changing supply chains, rising energy costs, advancing digitalisation: Logistics is subject to a variety of challenges and continuously demands modern and flexible approaches to solutions. In addition to the technical infrastructure, sustainable planning and innovative energy concepts are particularly in demand in order to offer flexible and future-proof solutions. For example, we use solar power and continuously invest in measures to increase our energy efficiency. 

Our investments do not only concern the infrastructure of the site: The employees of esparma Pharma Services are an essential part of our success. That is why we are committed to modern working time concepts and development opportunities, among other things. In this way, we create a motivating working environment characterised by trust. 

As our long-standing Managing Director Matthias Schmidt emphasises, our strong corporate culture and the high level of identification of our employees with the company are the key to successful and value-oriented corporate management. 


Our contribution to the region

Our commitment to local communities is just as much a part of esparma Pharma Services’ self-image as the responsible use of resources. We have relied on photovoltaics from an early stage in order to supply ourselves with electricity as self-sufficiently as possible. We have also modernised the lighting at the site and use heat pump technology to minimise energy consumption and costs.