Firmenstaffel-Team esparma Pharma Services

Together for a strong region

As a reliable, future-oriented logistics provider with strong ties to our home region, we are involved in the public and social life of the region in a variety of ways. We support associations, events and campaigns in the social, cultural and sporting fields. Through our commitment, we want to actively contribute to strengthening our regional community. We are proud to be part of the diverse cultural and sporting landscape in our region and would like to give something back through our commitment.

Support for SC Magdeburg

The rowing department of SC Magdeburg has produced numerous Olympic, world and European champions in its 57 years of existence. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent youth work, which is repeatedly rewarded with medals at national and international championships. 

We are delighted to support the association members Janina Kröber and Stella Kreft, who achieved their first successes together at the young age of 14 (national winner of the children's double four on the long distance and silver medal winner on the normal distance in 2019), in their sporting success. 

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Otto plants! - New trees at the site

The Otto pflanzt! e.V. association has set itself the task of making the city of Magdeburg and surrounding communities greener again. To this end, native trees and shrubs are planted on land belonging to private owners and companies. The ambitious goal is to plant one tree for every Magdeburg resident, i.e. a total of 242,000 trees.

And esparma Pharma Services is on board: we are delighted that the Otto pflanzt! e.V. team has included our areas in Osterweddingen in its planting plan. Around 1,200 shrubs and trees were planted (e.g. English oak, bird cherry, wild apple, wild pear, small-leaved lime, redthorn, dogwood, honeysuckle, buckthorn, cornelian cherry, elder, common snowball).

2,500 new busy bees at esparma Pharma Services

With the support and expertise of our colleague Steffen Mutsch, who is an active hobby beekeeper, we were able to set up a beehive and an associated colony on our company premises. The bees' new home was built in a quiet corner of our property in Osterweddingen. There are currently around 2,500 bees living in the hive, but they will multiply to up to 40,000 bees over the course of the summer.