What we do

Today, around 150 employees at our site are responsible for the smooth logistics processes of the Aristo Pharma Group and our third-party customers. With our services, we cover the entire logistics portfolio: from forward-looking capacity planning, to proper storage (GDP-compliant) and flexible and speedy order picking, to the dispatch of goods. 

As a pharmaceutical logistics provider, we store and ship in the ambient (15 to 25 degrees) and refrigerated (2 to 8 degrees) ranges, as well as narcotics in the range between 2 to 25 degrees. In our service department, we package your articles according to your wishes and offer you further services around secondary packaging, such as serialisation, replacement of package inserts, size repackaging and sample production.

Our service covers the entire area of Germany, Austria and countries that can be reached by truck within 24 to 48 hours.

Goods receipt and sampling

Our SOP-based goods receiving process guarantees the fast storage and availability of your goods. Parcel shipments or pallets from contract manufacturers, suppliers and our own production sites are accepted by our experienced and trained staff. We check the delivery of goods for completeness and freedom from defects according to your specifications and on the basis of the delivery documents. In addition to article and central pharmaceutical numbers (PZN), we at esparma Pharma Services record the batches, the best-before date and all data relevant to you as a customer. We document quality and quantity deviations and make them available to our customers in the form of incoming goods protocols. If desired, we can also handle complaints with your suppliers.

Pharmaceutical storage

esparma Pharma Services has 36,500 square metres of pharmaceutical storage space. Pharmaceuticals, medical products, food supplements and cosmetic products are stored on more than 35,000 pallet spaces in a temperature range of 15 to 25 degrees. We are also happy to provide packaging, advertising and marketing materials for you from stock. 

In addition, we offer our own cold storage. Here, temperature-sensitive products are stored in a temperature range of 4 to 8 degrees. We have a separate security area for the storage of narcotics/anaesthetics – strictly in accordance with the law.